VPS forwarding to use difference place (socks5 UDP support)

XProxy supported multiple ways to expose your proxies/socks5/vpn services to the world for access anywhere such NAT forwarding on router, Tailscale VPN for secure access from outside.

In this tutorial, we guide to you how to open forwarding port by VPS forwarding way. By connecting your local servers to the VPS Cloud such Amazon EC2, Vultr, Linoes or any VPS support SSH. Xproxy can tunneling all traffic and open for your customers easily.

In this diagram above, customers in world-wide can connect to your local servers via IP of VPS server, and it can exchange traffic with your local servers easily with our software.

Why choice VPS Forwarding:

  • Your router/network have not available forwarding port function.
  • Upload speed of router slow (less than 50Mbps).
  • Hidden home IP to share with customers.
  • Need static IP instead to use DDNS.
  • Fully support UDP associate for socks5 proxy.

Things are not needed to use VPS Forwarding:

  • High Upload speed router (more than 300Mbps) and router support forwarding ports.
  • Saving VPS monthly fee.
  • VPS come with limited bandwidth.


  •  Currently, we are only support Ubuntu OS as VPS server to expose your ports
    You can register some cheap cloud VPS here:
    Receive a $100, to use 60-day credit once with Linode
  • The VPS need located as close as possible from your place to reduce ping and proxy speed (best is same your country).
  • The VPS need support unlimited bandwidth quota or high bandwidth such 1Gbps for best speed and it will not stop working during use when over bandwidth quota.

Steps to setting up:

  • Ubuntu VPS: SSH root privilege account.
  • Go to General Setting > Forwarding ports (1)

Fill your VPS info such VPS Address IP, Port, User, Password

Press SAVE & TEST to try connect to your vps. If success, the panel will be reloaded in few seconds

  • Setting Forwarding Rules:

There have settings for:

    • (1) Network Isolation (use SIM network):
      • Enable this option will make each forwarding port to use the Upload network SIM network (itself network) for forwarding to VPS.
      • If disable it, XProxy will use the Upload network of WAN (main router) for forwarding to VPS.
      • Recommend enable it when Upload speed of WAN (main router) less than Upload speed of each SIM network.
    • (2) Starting Relay port: the starting port number use for relay ports on VPS server. We are recommend don't change it, if you have more than one server need forwarding on same VPS, you can the port to a number plus with 10 (e.g: 65011)
    • (3) Adjust options for ports & option for enable/disable forwarding per service.
      • You can adjust the VPS forwarding port in case to use multiple server on same VPS to avoids conflict ports. Two server can't use same ports, so you need adjust it, or change the default ports for dashboard & proxies in Settings on each local server.
      • Uncheck/Check for each service to disable or enable forwarding.


Monitoring  forwarding port of services 

All forwarding port of services running will be GREEN and failed with RED lines. It's easy for check which service problem and we can troubleshoot issues.

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