How to access dongle panel to settings APN

Step 1:

Use firefox browser and install foxyproxy extension.

You can use any browser with proxy configuration support. 

Step 2:

- Looking at the proxy in the Proxy column (Proxy Management page of XProxy panel).

- Copy the proxy (1) (e.g: in example aboves)

- Open Foxyproxy extension in the top right of Firefox browser -> Click Options

- Fill this proxy  into Foxyproxy extension (noted, fill your info proxy copied before): 

Step 3:

- Browse dongle panel:

Look at the screenshot of Step 2, you can see the Label (2) of this proxy (  is number 11

- Now you can access the url: http://192.168.<label>.1

In this example, this is

Default login password for Xproxy dongles: admin/admin

Similarly, for proxy, the url to access throught this proxy is (label 12)

Step 4: Configure APN (in case you want enable IPv6 or difference APN)

    Go internet Menu -> Disable Auto Configure APN (1) -> Save (2)

   Click Manual APN Settings (3):

- Fill APN for both 2G/3G APN Name, LTE APN Name (all same APN)

- IP Type: Choice IPV4V6 if you want to use dual proxies stack.

- 2G3G Authentication Type / LTE Authentication Type: choice Authenticaion PAP/CHAP depend on operator required.

- Click OK -> Save (2)


Step 5: Disable PIN/PUK if your sim required

      Click required -> Next page -> Enter your PIN and Remove it.

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