How to use Selling Platform?

Features of XProxy that will help you sell proxies:

  1. Create multiple proxies from one dongle
  2. Flexible choice of port type or IP type for each newly proxy.
  3. Flexible choose the port number for each newly proxy
  4. Credential include Username authentication or IP authentication, with the ability to change credential information via the API
  5. Set an expiration time for each newly proxy
  6. Set Custom DNS for each newly proxy
  7. Set Max Connection for each newly proxy
  8. Set whitelist or blacklist restrictions
  9. Set upload/download quotas
  10. Set bandwidth limits
  11. Counter upload/download used
  12. Reset counter of upload/download

To access the above features, simply go to the XProxy Dashboard and choose the Selling Platform menu.

Click the Generate button to create a new proxy.

  1. Position: position of dongle
  2. Number of Ports: number of proxy will be generated
  3. IP/User Authentication: credential of newly proxy
  4. Port type: HTTP or Socks5
  5. Proxy IP type: IPv4 or IPv6
  6. Custom DNS: DNS of newly proxy
  7. Max Connection: Max connection of newly proxy
  8. Generate Port: Randomize or Range (sequence increment)
  9. Expired At: the newly proxy will be deleted automatically by the expiration date.
  10. Restriction Whitelist / Blacklist: input website list separated by comma to restrict newly proxy.
  11. Upload / Download quota: support quota by daily, weekly, monthly, end of quota. Flexible option quota is each Download or Upload or Both of them.
  12. Bandwidth limit: rate limit by Mbps
  13. Memo: memo help filter

This is a list of selling proxies and you can monitor the Download / Upload counter of each type of proxy in this list.

To integrate a selling proxy list into your sales website, you can use the set of APIs provided via Github of XProxy.