Instructions to Setup Label of Dongle

1. What types of dongles does XProxy support?

XProxy software supports many types of Dongles available in the market. Just make sure your server/PC has the necessary drivers compatible with the dongle.

With XProxy Box, we've taken care of pre-installing the majority of Dongle drivers for various types available in the market. If your dongle isn't recognized by XProxy Box, don't worry! Simply reach out to us, and we'll gladly provide free assistance to install the required dongle drivers.

If you're using XProxy Software on Ubuntu PC, we kindly recommend following the manufacturer's instructions to install the dongle driver. In many instances, when you connect the dongle to your PC for the first time, you'll receive an accompanying application that will seamlessly handle the driver installation process for you.

2. Why do I need to set up a label for the dongle?

By default, XProxy Software seamlessly integrates with Dongles, providing a smooth experience. However, when connecting multiple dongles simultaneously, it's important to set up unique labels for each one. This ensures that the dongles don't overlap and allows for easy management of their respective positions. With labeled dongles, you can effortlessly keep track of each one and optimize their functionality.

If you purchase the dongle from the XProxy Shop, rest assured that we have already taken care of setting up the label for you. You can skip following this guide as the dongle comes pre-labeled and ready to use out of the box. We strive to provide a hassle-free experience, ensuring that you can start using your dongle right away without any additional setup required.

3. Step by step to set up a label for the dongle

Basically setting up a label of the dongle is to change the default IP address of that dongle. So it needs to be done on each dongle one by one, to ensure that the system does not confuse the dongles.

Recommended label value is 11 to 254.

There are 4 steps:

  1. Plug each Dongle into XProxy Box or XProxy Server.
  2. Go to XProxy Dashboard, select Menu >> Device Management.
  3. In the Label column, click the Edit button. Enter the label value that you want to set for the Dongle. Wait for the Dongle to reboot to complete.
  4. Note the label value on the Dongle.
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