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About XProxy

XProxy is a device and software that helps you build your mobile or residential proxies more easily without knowledge about technical and spending too much time researching hardware and technology.

XProxy is designed for non-technical people who are not much about computer and network knowledge, for sellers, advertising people,… It’s so simple that just plug and play. If you have programming knowledge, XProxy can help you save time and effort a lot for automation bots creation.

We introduced the first product in 2018 for a large community of more than 3000 clients in the world who are using Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, Amazon, and Shopify marketing. So, we have years of experience in the proxy farm, and our product is very stable. Users may save time a lot without spending time on bug-fixed like other services.

Why build own proxy, instead of renting a mobile proxy?

If you are looking for a solution to create your mobile proxy to avoid being blocked by platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Shopify, and Amazon, … then XProxy will help you a lot.

This solution uses LTE SIM cards where you are living. The proxies generated from your internet provider have a large of IPs.

The most important thing is the IP source. It is used by thousands of real devices and people there. Therefore, it will be difficult for platforms to find a way to detect your proxies since your bots use the IPs same as real people.

If you buy a mobile proxy from a provider, which is probably being used by many users, the platform’s fraud detection will be easy to detect unusually.

XProxy device brings many benefits with many features such as scheduling rotation automatically, or IP rotation by API integrated with your bots to actively change IP when switching accounts, avoid block when you farming a lot.

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Why use XProxy, instead of another provider?

Creating your mobile proxy is easy and beneficial for the following reasons:

  1. Plug and play: Xproxy brings a wonderful experience compared to other services: no need for coding, only plug dongles, sim cards, or cable to use in 4-10 minutes.
  2. Flexibility: XProxy is designed from personal to business. You can buy the XProxy Box and it's all ready to go. Or you can install it yourself on Linux PC. XProxy supports both Dongles and Android phones.
  3. Very stable: We value your time, that’s why we don’t want you to spend a lot of time waiting to fix bugs like other services.
  4. Cheaper: we have factory located in VietNam and China. Therefore, the cost of material is very cheap and we can produce a large number of devices, so our device is very cheap to compare with another provider.
  5. Security and speed faster: made from your home, all connections transmit directly between bots and XProxy device in your LAN network. No worries about speed or security such leak your proxies.
  6. Your trust: Make sure the proxy is created by you, you understand the source of your IP, and make sure 100% “private proxy”. Building your proxies is the only way to ensure the quality of the proxies you’re using.

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