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FAQ – XProxy Pricing Plan

Does the price of XProxy Software include hardware?

- The pricing above does not include hardware.
- We separate hardware and software pricing to support customers who already have hardware and customers who don't.
- If you are planning to buy cheap and optimized hardware from us, you can refer XProxy hardware shop.
- We always have a promotion to buy our hardware, get promotion balance to renew the software, contact us!

How many proxies support each dongle?

- Each dongle will generate up to 2 IPs (1 IPv4 and 1 IPv6) at a time. We can create multiple proxies, but it can only connect to one of the two IPs above.
So, if each dongle/sim is supported IPv6 then we can create one more IPv6 proxy, by default there is always one IPv4 proxy.
- With business plan, you can create customize proxies with Shared Proxies function.
It will help you create dozens, even hundreds proxies each dongle, but all of these proxies have to connect to 1 or at most 2 types of IP above.

Could you give me more detail about the Lifetime license?

- The Lifetime license is designed for customers who are used to XProxy, and they also don't need further support from us after first year of use.
- This is a super economical license, so you can use the our service for a lifetime.
- Lifetime license is required for a one-time payment, this is the price shown to you, that's all.
- A lifetime license come with one year premium support, after one year you can use service normally (include update, security fix, improvement,...)

How many dongles can be supported on single system?

It's depend on motherboard of your hardware. Our software does not restriction (for more than 100 dongles, please contact us).
You can test the capacity of your hardware by this steps:
- Install our software following by Full guide
- Plug all USB Hub & dongles
- Run command: ifconfig or lsusb to see all devices connected.
If you purchase XProxy XB22, it can support up to 40 dongles in this case.
If you want to the hardware support more than 40 dongles, please looking for the XProxy Mini Server

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