XProxy World's First Rotating Mobile VPN Proxy Farm: VPN Forwarding vs Mobile VPN Proxy

Continuing the series of articles about UDP Proxy, today we will introduce a new feature: Mobile VPN Proxy via XProxy. This feature will inherit the benefit of generating UDP proxy to bypass QUIC HTTP/3, rotating IP of Mobile Proxy even connecting VPN Tunnel and increasing the quality of your mobile proxy to a next-level.

Summary of previous articles in UDP Proxy series:

  1. What is UDP Proxy? Why is UDP proxy important?
  2. Step-by-Step Guide to setting up Open VPN with XProxy
  3. How QUIC, HTTP3 trends affect proxies?
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Don't forget that XProxy supports many approachs to set up a VPN, and the list is still growing:

  1. OpenVPN
  2. Tailscale
  3. Wireguard
  4. Zerotier
  5. WAN transparent Modem / Router

Now, let's dive into today's article. We'll explore how to create Mobile VPN Proxy and compare it with the approach of setting up a VPN forwarding to a Proxy Server. We'll also discuss the differences and the pros and cons of each method.

  • How does VPN Forwarding of XProxy work?
  • How does Mobile VPN Proxy of XProxy work?
  • Step-by-step Guide to setting up Mobile VPN Proxy of XProxy.
  • How client use Mobile VPN Proxy of XProxy.

1. How does VPN Forwarding of XProxy work?

how VPN forwarding of XProxy Server work

The XProxy Server sets up a VPN Forwarding connection to another VPN server. You can choose a VPN technology such as OpenVPN or Tailscale, Zerotier, etc., but the requirement is to establish one VPN server. From this VPN server, clients using the proxy will establish a VPN connection from their own devices to this VPN server. Setting up this VPN connection creates a VPN tunnel between the XProxy Server and the client's device.

If you have multiple clients using the proxy, they will also need to establish VPN connections to the VPN server, and all clients connecting to the XProxy Server share the same VPN tunnel.

This is how the VPN Forwarding of the XProxy Server operates, as previously introduced in the articles.

Advantages of the VPN Forwarding approach:

  • UDP Proxy Generation This method allows for the creation of a UDP Proxy to bypass QUIC and HTTP3 protocols, ensuring compatibility and good performance.
  • Rotate Mobile VPN XProxy can rotate or change IP of Mobile Proxy even while connecting VPN Tunnel. This is an outstanding feature of XProxy and is unprecedented in traditional VPNs.
  • Simple Setup: Setting up and managing the VPN becomes straightforward, especially when using services like Tailscale, which can create a VPN server with just a single click.

Drawbacks of this approach:

  • Shared Network All clients share the same VPN network, with no differentiation between them. This can be an issue for VIP clients or those who require absolute privacy, even when using a VPN.

In summary, the VPN Forwarding approach with the proxy server streamlines VPN setup and management but comes with the drawback of clients sharing the same VPN network, lacking complete separation for individual users.

2. How does Mobile VPN Proxy of XProxy work?

how mobile vpn proxy work

Mobile VPN Proxy is completely similar to VPN Forwarding. The difference is that XProxy Server will create the VPN Server itself. XProxy Server creates many VPN Servers and corresponding to each modem is a different VPN Server.

With the Mobile VPN Proxy method, XProxy supports 2 technologies to create VPN:

  • OpenVPN
  • Wireguard

Using this method, customers using proxies will connect dedicated VPN tunnel to each Mobile Proxy.

Advantages of the Mobile VPN proxy method:

  • UDP Proxy: bypass QUIC, HTTP/3.
  • Rotate Mobile VPN: rotate or change IP of Mobile Proxy even while connecting VPN Tunnel
  • Inherit all the advantages of VPN Forwarding.
  • Each customer has a completely private VPN connection.
  • You only want to set up VPN for a few modems, not all.
  • Increase connection speed for 5G mobile proxy devices.

Drawback of the Mobile VPN proxy method:

  • XProxy Server needs more powerful configuration to create multiple VPN Servers.

Additionaly, if you need to set up a mobile proxy system with a 5G device and prioritize security and speed, the Dedicate VPN for each Mobile Proxy method is the most suitable.

3. Step-by-step Guide to setting up Mobile VPN Proxy of XProxy.

XProxy simplifies setting up Mobile VPN Proxy on a single page. There are 2 steps to setting up Mobile VPN Proxy:

  • Configure Mobile VPN proxy for each modem.
  • Configure the NAT address of XProxy Server (Another option is to set up a VPS Relay server, but we will detail this part in another article).

Step 1: Access the XProxy dashboard, go to the Main Menu, and select VPN Service. On this screen, you'll see a list of modems currently connected to the XProxy server. Each modem has its corresponding VPN Configuration and VPN Access Authentication File.

step by step guide to setting up Mobile VPN Proxy

Click the Configuration button corresponding to the modem you want to set up Mobile VPN Proxy for.

VPN config of Mobile VPN Proxy for each modem
  • Enable VPN Server: Enable or Disable VPN Server of this modem.
  • VPN Server: 2 optiosn is OpenVPN and Wireguard.
  • Number of clients: input the number of clients allowed to connect to this modem's VPN server.

Right now, there are 1 or more VPN Servers running on the XProxy Server itself. You can connect to each dedicated VPN tunnel to use mobile proxy and udp proxy in LAN.

Step 2: Configure the NAT address of XProxy Server follow this guide.

At this point, the Mobile VPN Proxy configuration part has been completed. Next, I will guide your client the steps on how to use Mobile VPN Proxy on your client PC.

4. How client use Mobile VPN Proxy of XProxy.

Depending on whether you choose OpenVPN or Wireguard, your client will use the corresponding VPN client software.

4.1. Wireguard Client

The download page of Wireguard client.

Open Wireguard client and choose Add Tunnel >> Add empty tunnel.

wireguard client add empty tunnel

Paste the content of Wiregurad VPN file. Take note the Dynamic DNS Address of your XProxy Server.

wireguard client create tunnel to xproxy server

Active the Mobile VPN Proxy via Wireguard

wireguard client active the Mobile VPN Proxy

4.2. OpenVPN Client

The download page of OpenVPN client.

Open OpenVPN client and press Browse button.

openvpn client browse the configuration

In some case, you need to replace the local IP of XProxy Server by the Dynamic DNS Address of XProxy Server.

openvpn client edit local IP to Dynamic DNS Address

Active the Mobile VPN Proxy via OpenVPN

openvpn client active the Mobile VPN Proxy

5. Conclusion

In conclusion, the XProxy Server offers two distinct approaches for VPN setup: the VPN Forwarding and the Mobile VPN Proxy.

The VPN Forwarding method simplifies the process by establishing one VPN connection to an external server, offering advantages like UDP Proxy generation, Rotate Mobile VPN and ease of setup. However, it comes with the limitation of clients sharing the same VPN network, which may not suit users seeking complete privacy or differentiation.

On the other hand, the Mobile VPN Proxy provides individualized VPN connections for each modem, ensuring utmost privacy, speed optimization for 5G mobile proxy devices, and the ability to inherit the benefits of VPN Forwarding. However, this method demands a more robust configuration.

Ultimately, the choice between these two approaches depends on your specific needs, with Mobile VPN Proxy being ideal for those prioritizing security and speed while setting up a mobile proxy system with 5G devices.

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