Take Control of Your Privacy: The Power of XProxy's VPN Feature and High-Quality UDP Proxy

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I. Introduction

Have you ever been meticulous in managing your online accounts, only to be hit by sudden bans or restrictions?

Despite employing the best proxies and anti-detect tools, do you find your accounts still at risk?

Are you in search of a VPN solution to replace your current proxy setup?

Do you suspect your http or socks5 proxy might be leaking information?

Are you keen to find a solution that masks your proxy use from platforms like Facebook, Twitter, eBay, Amazon, Etsy, and more?

Why facebook google twitter youtube amazon ebay temporarily suspended?

A. Identifying the Challenges: Unanticipated Bans and Proxy Suspicions

If any of the above questions resonate with you, know that you're not alone. Many users managing multiple high-value accounts across various platforms share these concerns. Traditional proxy solutions often don't provide the degree of anonymity and security required to prevent detection or avoid bans.

B. The Solution: XProxy’s VPN and UDP Proxy

Enter XProxy, a game-changer in the realm of online privacy and security. XProxy offers a unique combination of VPN and UDP Proxy features, setting it apart from the competition. XProxy takes pride in being the first to provide a perfect VPN solution sourced directly from Mobile networks. This feature not only enhances your connection speed but also guarantees almost complete anonymity on multiple platforms.

This article will guide step by step to setup OpenVPN with XProxy and how to use UDP proxy.

II. Why Use XProxy's VPN? Practical Scenarios

Understanding the various practical applications of XProxy's VPN features can demonstrate why it's an invaluable tool for today's digital users. Let's delve into these use cases:

A. The Power of XProxy's UDP Proxy: Higher Speed and Anonymity

XProxy support both of UDP proxy and TCP proxy

XProxy's VPN leverages the speed and anonymity of a UDP Proxy, which means it provides several key advantages over traditional proxies.

  1. Bypassing Censorship: Thanks to its high-speed UDP Proxy, XProxy can effortlessly bypass geo-censorship, allowing you to freely access content worldwide.
  2. Avoiding IP-based Targeting and Tracking: XProxy VPN disguises your online presence, protecting you from malicious entities targeting or tracking your IP.
  3. Accessing Geo-Restricted Content: Geo-restrictions can limit your access to certain content. With XProxy's VPN, you can browse without any geographical limitations.
  4. Protecting Identity During Sensitive Tasks: When carrying out sensitive tasks online, XProxy's VPN safeguards your identity, ensuring that your actions remain private and secure.

B. Ensuring Privacy: Hide Your Public IP with XProxy's VPN

XProxy support VPN and how VPN work

XProxy's VPN serves as a robust shield for your IP address, providing critical privacy benefits.

  1. Importance of Concealing IP Addresses: An exposed IP address can leave you vulnerable to cyberattacks and surveillance. XProxy's VPN provides robust IP concealment to keep your activities private.
  2. Benefits of IP Masking for Proxy Users: When you mask your IP address with XProxy's VPN, you can ensure an additional layer of privacy when sharing proxies, preventing unauthorized access or tracking.

C. Overcoming Limitations of Home Network Equipment: Utilizing VPN with Proxy for NAT Configuration

VPN best choice in the case Router not support NAT or you do not want to public IP network

Home network equipment often poses configuration challenges. Luckily, XProxy's VPN offers effective solutions.

  1. Common Challenges with Router Configuration: Configuring a router to work with a proxy server can be a complex task. It becomes even trickier if the router doesn't support outbound NAT configuration for the proxy server.
  2. How XProxy VPN can Help: By configuring the VPN on your home network, you can bypass the limitations of your router and efficiently use your external proxy. XProxy's VPN makes this process straightforward and manageable.

III. Step-by-Step Guide to Setting Up Open VPN with XProxy

Setting up OpenVPN with XProxy involves a three-step process: preparing your VPS, setting up the OpenVPN on XProxy server, and setting up the OpenVPN on the client.

A. Preparing the Groundwork: Setting up OpenVPN on Your VPS

Before you can start using OpenVPN with XProxy, you need to set up OpenVPN on your VPS.

  1. Choosing a Suitable VPS: It's important to choose a VPS that meets your requirements. Key considerations include location and bandwidth. Recommend choosing the location same state or country of your Proxy Server with minimum plan. In this guide, I use Ubuntu 22.04 on Linode.
  2. Initial VPS Configuration Steps: After you've selected your VPS, you need to configure it to work with OpenVPN. This process involves installing the OpenVPN server software, creating VPN certificates and keys, and setting up the server configuration file.

  Login VPS via SSH

 ssh root@<<IP_OF_YOUR_VPS>> 

  Update and upgrade library of VPS

 sudo apt update && sudo apt upgrade -y 

Step by step login your vps and update latest library

  Download and Run script ubuntu-22.04-lts-vpn-server.sh from of Nyr


 wget https://raw.githubusercontent.com/Nyr/openvpn-install/master/openvpn-install.sh -O ubuntu-22.04-lts-vpn-server.sh 

Set permission of script

 chmod -v +x ubuntu-22.04-lts-vpn-server.sh 

Run script

 sudo ./ubuntu-22.04-lts-vpn-server.sh 

Check status of OpenVPN running okay or not

 sudo systemctl status openvpn-server@server 

Step by step download openVPN and install openVPN to your VPS and check status of OpenVPN

Download file openvpn1st.ovpn from VPS to your PC

 scp root@<<IP_OF_YOUR_VPS>>:~/openvpn1st.ovpn . 

Step by step download openVPN file from VPS to your PC

This file openvpn1st.ovpn will set up your XProxy server. You will need more clients to connect to this VPN. If your team have 5 members , you will rerun this script next 5 times:

 sudo ./ubuntu-22.04-lts-vpn-server.sh 

Step by step setup more openVPN client files on your VPS

And download all files ovpn to your PC

 scp root@<<IP_OF_YOUR_VPS>>:~/*.ovpn . 

Download all client files of openVPN to your PC

B. Integrating with XProxy: Setting up OpenVPN on XProxy Server

Once you've set up OpenVPN on your VPS, the next step is to integrate it with XProxy.

VPN feature has been supported since version 19.9. This step just needs to upload the openVPN file to the XProxy server.

Go to dashboard of XProxy and choose General Settings >> System Setting on left menu.

Scroll down to section of VPN tunnel setting

Go to Dashboard XProxy and General Settings and System Setting to setup VPN

After uploading openVPN file, clink Login to connect VPN between XProxy server and VPS.

Please note the IP of XProxy server when connecting VPN to the VPS. We will use this IP in the section of how to use UDP proxy. In this guide, the IP of XProxy server when connecting to VPN is

Upload openVPN and press Login to connect VPN between XProxy Server and VPS

Now your XProxy server and VPS have successfully established a VPN connection. Whenever you need to turn off the VPN connection between the XProxy server and the VPS, you just need to click Log Out.

C. Getting Your Client Ready: Setting Up OpenVPN on Client

After you've set up OpenVPN on your VPS and integrated it with XProxy, the final step is to prepare your client.

Download the official OpenVPN Connect client software. OpenVPN client supports many OS such as Windows, MAC, Linux, Android, iOS, ChromeOS.

Download the official OpenVPN Connect client software

Install the OpenVPN client software on your computer and import the openvpn2nd.ovpn file to connect VPNto the VPS and XProxy server.

Install and import opvn file

Remember not to use the openvpn1st.ovpn file, because this file is already installed on the XProxy Server.

Install and import opvn file

Each ovpn file can only be used with 1 client, if there is another client who wants to connect VPN to XProxy server, create more ovpn files from VPS according to this step guide.

IV. Step-by-Step How to use UDP proxy via VPN

At this step you have completed the VPN connection between VPS and XProxy Server and client. The below image shows the VPN connection model, in which the client is connecting to the VPN using the openvpn2nd.ovpn file. In this section we will work on the 2nd client to use the mobile proxy created from the XProxy server in UDP protocol.

Network topology of VPN and XProxy Server and Client

From the client, you can access the XProxy Server using the IP address at this step. This IP is the local IP of the XProxy server in the VPN network.

Access dashboard xproxy server in vpn network

You can configure Password Authentication for dashboard, in case you want to restrict client access to XProxy server dashboard and instead clients are only allowed to use UDP proxy generated by XProxy system.

Go to General Settings > System Setting on left menu, scroll down to section Password Authentication for dashboard. Turn on the configuration : Enable dashboard authentication (recommend when NAT to internet) and input Username , Password. Now any client want to access dashboard of XProxy server, required Username and Password.

Setting Password Authentication for dashboard xproxy

VPN of XProxy is implemented at layer 3 (Network layer), layer 4 (Transport layer) and layer 7 (Application layer) of the OSI network model. So you can completely trust when using a proxy created by XProxy that will be completely anonymous with all platforms.

OSI network model and How VPN XProxy implemented

To use UDP proxy, you just need to connect to Socks5 port created by XProxy Server. Note that the host IP of XProxy in the VPN model is at this step.

Socks5 proxy of XProxy

Foxy Proxy and UDP Proxy

In the VPN model, your proxy is almost completely secure, but if you need to configure authentication for each proxy port, you can see more instructions here.

In case you want to connect via TCP proxy, you can use HTTP port. But if you need anonymity, we recommend using Socks5, this protocol will be configured over UDP almost completely anonymously to the platforms that want to detect your proxy.

V. Conclusion

Throughout this article, we have examined the importance of secure and anonymous online activities, especially for those managing high-value accounts across multiple platforms. Traditional proxy solutions often fail to provide the required degree of anonymity, which can lead to unexpected bans or restrictions. However, with XProxy's innovative combination of VPN and UDP Proxy features, users can experience enhanced connection speeds, nearly complete anonymity across platforms, and robust security.

The article has also provided comprehensive step-by-step guidance on setting up OpenVPN with XProxy and how to use UDP proxy via VPN. The process of preparing your VPS, setting up the OpenVPN on the XProxy server, setting up the OpenVPN on your client, and using the UDP proxy have all been covered in detail.

XProxy Kit

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