Elevate Your Proxy Network with XProxy's WAN Enhancement: A Step-by-Step Guide

Continuing the series of articles about UDP Proxy, today I will introduce the WAN feature of XProxy to level up the proxy server system and boost your proxy business.

Summary of previous articles in UDP Proxy series:

  1. What is UDP Proxy? Why is UDP proxy important?
  2. Step-by-Step Guide to Setting Up Open VPN with XProxy
  3. How QUIC, HTTP3 trends affect proxies?
  4. XProxy's Solution to Avoid Detection when Websites Request HTTP3 and QUIC.

In this article, I will introduce XProxy's WAN feature and how to setup XProxy server to replace Modem - Router. This setup requires a bit more technicality, but in return, XProxy will help you have a UDP proxy system with QUIC bypass and more optimal proxy speed with OpenVPN.

The summary of this article:

  1. What is WAN? Disadvantage of proxy server over Modem / Router.
  2. Solution WAN's XProxy upgrade Proxy server to transparent Modem / Router.
  3. Step-by-step Guide to setting up the WAN XProxy.

1. What is WAN?

WAN is Wide Area Network, anywhere when you want to connect to the internet you need internet provider and the connection between your home, your office or your server infrastructure and the internet provider calls is WAN.

Most internet providers in your home or office will provide a Modem-Router device to convert the connection from DSL, Fiber or Satellite to digital data.

And here's the commonly used proxy server model:

XProxy how work

XProxy box is a server that connects right behind the Modem-Router device of the internet provider. And the disadvantage following this model are:

  • The speed limit of Ethernet port on Modem-Router.
  • The limit of concurrent connections and concurrent users on Modem-Router.
  •       This limit can lead to Modem-Router freezing, which is a prevalent issue when configuring a proxy system for business purposes or requiring a proxy with numerous connections.

  • Your Modem-Router don't support a NAT feature.
  • The NAT feature of Modem-Router altered (interfere) the Protocol Data Unit and make the UDP proxy of XProxy not working.

From the problem of UDP Proxy not working when NAT via Modem-Router, XProxy development team has researched and found a way to implement transparency between proxy server and Modem.

2. Solution WAN's XProxy upgrade Proxy server to transparent Modem / Router

The working model of proxy server when using WAN feature of XProxy:

XProxy wan how work

Changes compared to the previous proxy server model:

  • Modem is configured to Bridge mode and not include Router or NAT.
  • XProxy Box / XProxy server work as Router and include feature WAN, NAT.

Advantages of XProxy's WAN model:

  • Fix the problem that Modem-Router's NAT is not supported.
  •      XProxy Server has transaprent the Router and takes care of NAT for your proxy system.

  • Easily upgrade Modem to meet concurrent and download/upload speed of the whole proxy system.
  • Save budget to upgrade Modem, because Modem only need Bridge feature.
  •      You can buy a Modem device or set up your own a computer with a network card to meet your own needs.

  • UDP Proxy speed is more efficient than VPN model. With the WAN model, you do not need to spend extra money to rent an intermediate server and the speed of direct connection to the proxy server will be faster than through an intermediate server.
  •       This is the preeminent feature of XProxy that has brought a lot of satisfaction to the teams that are setting up the proxy business model.

  • Easily extend more proxy system for business. You can rent multiple internet connection lines and each line with 1 XProxy Box or 1 XProxy server.

3. Step-by-step Guide to setting up the WAN XProxy.

There are 2 steps to do this:

  • Step 1: Configure your Internet Modem to Bridge mode.

    Depending on the brand of your modem using, you can easily google for instructions how to bridge mode. Or easier, you can call your internet provider for instructions on how to configure the modem to bridge mode. Here are a few setup instructions of bridge mode from popular internet providers in the US:

    Using Bridge Mode On Your Wireless Gateway of Xfinity.
    Verizon Internet Gateway - Configure IP Passthrough / Bridge Mode.
    About bridge mode of Google Fiber Network Box.
  • Step 2: Configure XProxy Server's WAN feature.

    Go to XProxy's Dashboard. Then go to menu General Settings >> System Seting. Scroll to WAN Setting section:

    XProxy wan setting

    Interfaces: please choose port which connected to your Modem-Router.

    Connection Methods, VLAN, MTU: please go to Admin of Modem-Router to get these parameters.

    UserName, Passwords: this is the credential to login WAN of your internet provider. You can get this credential via your email when sign up or call your internet provider.

    Submit Connect button to active WAN of XProxy server. Now your XProxy Server will work as Router and include connecting WAN to Internet provider.

    When you want to access proxy from public, please turn on Enable WAN configuration. This feature will process NAT your proxy port.

4. Conclusion

UDP proxy is crucial for ensuring your proxy remains anonymous. XProxy's development team is committed to providing you with the best possible solution for your UDP proxy needs.

XProxy's WAN feature is particularly beneficial for creating efficient UDP proxy, and it also allows businesses to save costs when upgrading their Modem-Router. This feature is just one of many that makes XProxy a great choice for proxy businesses.

XProxy's proxy server system not only guarantees quality but also excellent customer service. Our experienced programming team is here to support you, ensuring your proxy is always top-notch.

XProxy Kit

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