Enhancing Online Presence with XProxy and AdsPower Antidetect Browser

As the internet continues to evolve, making money online requires more technical savvy and creativity than ever before. With the evolution of anti-fraud systems on major online platforms, it is essential to have reliable proxies, an antidetect browser, and mobile proxy solutions like XProxy at hand. In this article, we will explore why you need an antidetect browser and how to set up proxies in it, and introduce AdsPower Antidetect Browser, a powerful solution to help you maximize your online presence.

What is Antidetect Browsers?

Anyone who manages multiple accounts on a single or multiple platforms may have encountered account bans at some point. One of the most common reasons for suspensions is having more than one account, which is against the rules of most platforms. But how do they find out?

The answer is through browser fingerprints. Browser fingerprints are data collected about the software and hardware of your device, such as the IP address, font, resolution, WebRTC, Canvas, and so on. Browser fingerprints, like real fingerprints, indicate an online identity. Multiple accounts running on the same device and IP address are perceived as being run by the same user, thus resulting in account bans.

Antidetect browsers are solutions designed to address this problem. You can open a number of browser profiles in an antidetect browser and customize the fingerprints of each one. When you run your accounts in separate profiles, you are actually concealing your real fingerprints, or say, real identity. In this way, your accounts will be perceived as being operated by distinct identities, avoiding suspensions.

What's so special about AdsPower?

AdsPower Antidetect Browser is a powerful antidetect browser designed to help you manage multiple accounts on various online platforms without the fear of account bans. Unlike other antidetect browsers, AdsPower provides a number of unique advantages that increase your anonymity and productivity.

Browser Fingerprint Management

Multiple browser windows have independent digital fingerprints set, including time zone, default language, user agent, font, and resolution. You can try the fingerprint set provided by the browser itself or customize the fingerprint information by your own. This feature maximizes your anonymity and gives you more control over your online identity.


AdsPower can open multiple browser windows at the same time. Such browser environments are independent of each other and can prevent mutual associations. This feature boosts your productivity and efficiency.

Automated Work

The browser provides built-in automatic operation that can boost up your efficiency. In addition, it provides customized automation operations. This feature makes it easy to manage your accounts and save time.

Team Collaboration

AdsPower provides teamwork functionality, including permission assignment, for team users. It supports the simultaneous work of several users in the system. This feature makes it easy to collaborate with your team and increase your productivity.

Affordable Pricing

AdsPower offers one of the most affordable antidetect browsers on the market, and you can even try it for free. Its pricing structure is based on the number of team members and required profiles. Long-term memberships receive the following discounts: 20% for a yearly subscription, 10% for a 6-month subscription, and 5% for a 3-month subscription. AdsPower also occasionally has sales, which can mean even larger benefits. With the premium plan, you can maximize your investment.

The Benefits of Combining AdsPower with XProxy

Using an antidetect browser with a proxy is particularly useful for those who manage multiple accounts on a single or multiple platforms and want to avoid account bans. By rotating the IP address of your proxy and changing the fingerprints of your browser profiles, you can avoid detection by the platforms that monitor browser activity.

To use AdsPower Antidetect Browser with a XProxy, you need to configure your browser settings to use the proxy. In AdsPower, you can add your proxy by going to the "New Profile" tab and entering the proxy information you get from XProxy. Once you have set up the proxy, you can open a new browser profile with a different set of fingerprints and use it to log in to your accounts. This way, your real identity will be hidden, and your accounts will be perceived as being operated by distinct and separate identities.


AdsPower Antidetect Browser, in combination with mobile proxy solutions like XProxy, is a powerful solution that helps you maximize your online presence and avoid account bans. With its unique features and advantages, AdsPower makes it easy to manage multiple accounts, increase your productivity, and protect your online identity. If you are looking for a reliable antidetect browser, AdsPower Antidetect Browser in combination with XProxy is your best choice. Try it now and take your online presence to the next level!

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