4G/LTE dongle model XH22 with IMEI changable support for mobile proxy farm

XProxy Dongles XH22

XProxy XH22 has the same speed with popular dongles and has 2x changing IP speed to compare with Huawei/ZTE dongles.

- LTE speed CAT 4 (DL: 150Mbps / UP: 50Mbps)

- Dongle IMEI changeable supported by XProxy, means you can fake it to any devices such phones/router which limited by Internet Provider to get full speed, get ublocked,...

- Customize firmware support changing IP quickly in 3s.

- Support all carriers that support GSM sim in the world (Asia, Europe, North/South America, Africa, Australia).

- Bands supports:
  FDD-LTE: B1,B2,B3,B4,B5,B7,B8,B20,B26,B28,B66
  TDD-LTE: B28,B40,B41

- SIM size: Micro Size

- Working 24/7 in standard environment.

- Industrial series should be extremely durable.


The price does not include shipping fee, contact support team to make order.

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