XProxy LTE Advanced dongle high speed for VPN and mobile proxies model XM16 (CAT 12)

Modem hardware being used for LTE Advanced (LTE+) dongle mobile VPN proxy farm, support for high performance tasks require high speed and durable connections such as selling VPN mobile proxies, scraping data, reducing lagging in gaming.

LTE+ CAT 12 dongle features

  • Support 4G/LTE.5G: Cat 12 with 3CA bands aggregation at high speed up to 600Mbps download link
  • Supports all countries in the world (include North America, Europes, Asia, Australia,...) no matter where are you living.
  • USB 3.0 high speed interface
  • IMEI is changeable (it can be used with all operators without locking).
  • Fast rotation: less than 3s
  • Connection durable

Recommended usage for

  • Selling 4G/5G mobile proxies, VPN mobile proxies for many customer purposes.
  • Gaming to reduce lagging, higher speed, low ping.
  • Bot scrapping/crawling data from websites needs to run on a lot of threads and processes.

Hardware Original

  • Conditions: Refurbished / New, all fully tested before shipping.
  • For “Refurbished" products: 5G chipsets are removed from smart car systems, billboards,… with popular brands then we use it to customize 4G dongle for cheap prices. Performance, stable also same to compare with new products. We are perform test to make sure stably before shipping.
  • For “New” products: we cooperate with OEM factory to customize ardware and software with quality assurance testing before shipping.

Hardware Accessory

  • 2 x Antennas 
  • USB 3.0
  • XM16 4G dongle box
  • SIM card is not included (you are only purchase a SIM card and use it)

Feel free to contact us to get a special price if you purchase in bulk!

Actually speedtest

  • USA

Wholesale pricing (refurbished items):

  • 1 item: 85$/piece
  • 2-10 items: 80$/piece
  • 11-20 items: 75$/piece
  • 21-50 items: 70$/piece
  • from 51 items onwards: 60$/piece 


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