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XProxy is designed for everyone, building mobile proxy is simple, just plug and play

Image showcasing the XProxy products, which includes both software and hardware components, such as the XB22 and XH20 devices

XProxy is ready to scale proxies from personal to enterprise, flexible hardware and software solutions and supports a wide range of dongles and androids.

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Our Products

XProxy device images include XB22, XH20. XB22 is mini PC, XH20 is compatible with worldwide dongle.

XProxy Kit

All-in-one, just plug and play. XProxy Kit include full hardwares and preinstall free license lifetime. You need to prepare SIM card to go to the moon.

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XProxy software on monitor. XProxy software automatically create the best proxy for facebook, tiktok, twitter, instagram...

XProxy Software

XProxy Software ready to use on your Linux computers or another provider as Proxidize box. You need to buy more HUB USB, Dongles or Android.

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XProxy Software free version forever 5 devices. Easily install XProxy on any linux computer or another device as Proxidize.

Free XProxy

Free XProxy includes basic features for 5 modems. Completely free, you can experience the basic features of XProxy.

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Features of XProxy

Automatic Proxy Generation

How XProxy works. XProxy software runs on XB22 and connects to 4G SIM via Android phone or Donge to create HTTP proxy, SOCKS5.

One thing you can do is connect your dongles and sim cards to the USB hub. The dongle will be recognized and generated a proxy automatically, and all useful infomation about the device, signal, and status connection will be displayed on your dashboard for easy management.

IP Rotation Function

XProxy will help your proxy always get fresh IP from large IP resources of telecom operators.

Changing IP with XProxy is simple with one click or full API to integrate with your bots. XProxy does not limit any IP rotation request, you can rotate as much as you want, and every time only takes 3-7s depending on the model of the dongles.

Understanding for some system does not integrate API to rotation actively, we have the scheduling function, you can schedule XProxy to change IP automatically in 5-10 minutes for example. In this way, a proxy will have a constantly changing IP, running more accounts without blocking.


Full support IPv6, Authentication, SOCKS5

XProxy creates a secure proxy that supports HTTP, SOCKS5, IPv4, IPv6. Best mobile proxy for Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tiktok, SEO...

One dongle can produce both IPv4 proxy and IPv6 proxy in parallel. XProxy support both HTTP proxy and Socks v5 for IPv4/IPv6.

XProxy has many mechanisms for authentication such: as IP authentication, User/Password authentication to protect your proxies when you need the public to the world. The authentication user per proxy is fully supported.

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